PMI KM Mono Stage

PMI has developed the KM series actuator to save space and operate under high rigidity and accuracy.

  • Equal direction in four loads
  • A & B Types
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Product Description

The PMI KM Mono Stage Actuator is manufactured with a linear guide and ballscrew unit. The KM series is optimally designed to save space, by combining the carriage of the linear guideway and nut of the ballscrew to a complete Carriage-Nut. This carriage-nut serves to operate efficiently with the U rail designed for high rigidity thus achieving high accuracy in this limited space. This system is designed in such a compact manner that it will save you time during installation.

The KM’s have two rows with Gothic-arch grooves designed to contact 45° which results in equal loading in all four directions (radial, reversed radial & side to side). Such equal loading is suitable for various mounting orientations.

Based by model, the KM series come in the following Carriage-Nut Options

  • A Type: A single carriage-nut with standard length
  • B Type: Two carriage-nuts with standard length
  • C Type: A sing carriage-nut with short length
  • D Type: Two carriage-nuts with short length

Note: C and D Types only available for KM30, KM33, KM45 & KM55 models.

Actuator dimensions:

  • Heights: 20-65 mm
  • Width: 40-130mm
  • Wide Range of Geometrical Moment of Inertia around X & Y Axis

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