Moteck CB4M

Also designed for home bed, care bed and various furniture applications, the CB4M is able to drive up to four actuators at a time.

  • Can operate w/ rechargeable batteries
  • Input Voltage: 230/120 V AC & 50/60 Hz
  • Control four actuators at a time
  • Two maximum handset at a time
  • Protection Level: IP 20
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Product Description

Made by Moteck, the CB4M is a powerful compact control box designed for care bed, home bed and other various furniture applications. Per one unit, this control box has the capability to drive up to four actuators simultaneously. Rechargeable batteries can be used to power this control box when AC voltage is not directly supplied.

Main Applications:

  • Home Care
  • Furniture
Input Voltage Options:
  • 230 VAC/50 Hz or 120 VAC/60 Hz
  • Handsets – HA, HC, HD, HF, HJ, H2N, HT, H3T
  • Actuators – FD60


  • CISPR14-1, EN50366, EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN60335-1, EN61000-3
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