PMI End Deflector Series

The End Deflector Precision Ground Ball Screw series offer superior accuracy and performance reliability.

  • Screw Diameters: 12 – 80 mm
  • Lead Lengths: 4 – 30 mm
  • Stiffness: 14 – 305 kgf/um
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Product Description

The End Deflector Precision Ground Ball Screw series are manufactured, assembled and inspected at a 20°C constant temperature control, offer higher accuracy and reliability as compared to other ball screw manufacturers. We provide Precision Ground ball screws from C0 up to C5 lead error class accuracies. Using high-grade alloy steels, our Ball Screws provide superior rigidity and long durability. Easily transmitting rotary motion to linear motion, the rotating balls inside the ball nut create a highly efficient ball requiring only 1/3 of driving torque compared to traditional ACME screws.  All of our ball screws can be provided with custom machining per print and preloaded to your specification. Custom lubrication options are available and we can easily provide machine axis “kits” paired with linear guides per machine.

Single Nut Model

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Double Nut Model

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