Multi Axis Belt Type Actuator can be assembled for a 3- dimensional rubberizing device.

  • Gantry Type 2 Axis
  • Type w/ Guide Railing Y Axis Support End
  • ETB22M & ETH17 Connected
  • Maximum Speed: 2000 mm/sec (X Axis) ; 1000 mm/sec (Y Axis)
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 500-4050 mm (X Axis) ; 100-750 mm (Y Axis)

Product Description

Multi Axis Belt Type Actuators come assembled in the following three types:

  1. A (Arm) Type – The type with moving Y Axis Carriage
  2. G (Gantry) Type – The type with a guide railing at the end of Y Axis for support
  3. F (XZ) Type – The type with combination of X axis for horizontal movement and Z axis for vertical movement.

Along with various mounting positions available by arm variation type, each Multi Axis Belt Actuator (minus the F Type) comes in a two or three axis combination. The XYTB Series offers a combination of belt and ballscrew actuators linked together to perform at a highly sophisticated and efficient movement patterns. These Multi Axis systems come assembled with a highly durable belt – either PU or Rubber style. It is supported by precision grade recirculating Linear Guides with preloaded carriages to ensure accuracy and stability. All our actuators come compete with Motor Adaptor Plate and Coupling! This is all included in the price of the actuator. In addition, we offer limit switches that can be mounted on the unit for precise motion control. Our cover plate offers a flush enclosed unit that can prevent pinch points. Stroke lengths can be customized as well as additional carriages.

Application Examples:

  1. Piling Device for Circuit Boards
  2. Screw-Removal Device
  3. Pick-and-Place Device for PCB
  4. Spray Coating Mobile Device
  5. 3-Dimensional Metal Finishing Device

Please contact our Application Department for assistance in sizing your Linear Actuator.