Toyo GTH Actuator

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Product Description

The Toyo GTH Series is the next generation of the well known and widely used ETH Series. The Toyo GTH Series 4, 5, 8, and 12 replaces the ETH 5, 6, 10 and 12 and offers improved features and upgrades in a smaller frame size for equal load ratings.

In addition, the GTH is easy to assemble and can be fixed from the top and bottom without removing cover.

Flatness & Straightness
Built in linear rail design, straightness and flatness are highly improved to +0.02mm

Maximum stroke: 1050mm

Smaller Size
Smaller frame size for equal load ratings

Actuator body and carriage are made from steel to improve system rigidity.

GTH max repeatability of 0.0005mm compared to 0.01mm for ETH

Easy to Maintain
Single exterior grease port for both ball screw and linear guide

Improved sealing design
Special steel strip cover sealing design can prevent ingress and egress of dust, debris, and other foreign objects.

Easy assembly
GTH can be fixed from the top and bottom without removing cover. The mounting datum plane is designed on the side of the body and the unit features built in pin holes.


The GTH series can be applied to the same functions and industries as ETH type.  However, with an improved integrated guideway design, the improved rigidity, straightness, and flatness leads to higher performance in these applications.  This means the GTH can excel in higher precision applications like metrology and laser scanning systems.  The improved design also accommodates better ease of installation and maintenance.

If you have additional questions regarding the GTH series, please contact us at 919.863.0837 for information on additional features, configurations, other suitable Accu Tech products, or to discuss your specific requirements with one of our application engineers.