Accu Tech USA has expanded its product offering to include Linear Actuators and motion control components. Our products offer our customers with a low cost motion control solution for any application. By sourcing our parts from low cost regions, we are able to deliver quality product at a fraction of the cost.

Our ball screws and linear guides are of the highest quality and offer the broadest selection of products for your needs.

QuadroLinear Motion Actuators

Positional accuracy (+/- .015″) Zero Backlash is available upon request

Low cost positioning actuators are offered in 12 V or 24 V motors. In addition, we offer ball screw or lead screw actuators with unlimited stroke lengths. We can also size your linear actuator to meet your application and provide approval drawings. Limit switches or feedback devices are also available. Selected gear ratios can vary speed as needed. IP65 ratings are available and custom units are offered. Controls and accessories are also offered.

Typical applications include:

  • Satellite positioning systems
  • RV slide out
  • Industrial Actuator
  • Medical Actuator
  • Solar Actuator
  • Gate opening systems
  • Furniture applications

bj LD3-POT MD100


Precision Linear Actuators

Positional accuracy (+/- .0005″) Zero Backlash is available upon request.

Our precision linear actuators offer the highest accuracy class. All actuators include ground ball screw assemblies with zero backlash. Accuracy classes include normal and precision class and can be mounted in an X-Y arrangement with custom actuators. Precision Linear Guide bearings offer rigid positioning systems and high repeat-ability. Custom motor adaptor plates offer infinite motor mounting capabilities. Limit Switches made from the highest quality manufacturers offer various positional capabilities.

Typical applications include:

  • Medical dispensing linear actuator & motion control
  • Measurement and gauge equipment
  • Semiconductor wafer handling and deposition
  • Inspection

We design all our products to meet your needs and we offer custom configurations. Contact our applications engineering department to discuss your motion control requirement and to request a quote for your project.