Accu Tech USA Provides Integrated Motion Solutions from Toyo Robotics

Toyo Automation has made it even easier to apply the power of linear motion with their latest products, the CG motor-actuator robot and the TC100 Motion controller. The CG series combines top quality Toyo actuators with a pre-integrated motor and integral driver and controller. The series offers both stage- and rod-type options.

Toyo’s accompanying driver and controller, the TC100, is easy to set up and can be directed by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or by simple, intuitive PC software. With just a microUSB cable, you can easily program your motion profile or enter live commands.

“Accu Tech USA is excited that Toyo is offering this pre-integrated system,” said Eleanor Funkhouser, applications engineer, Accu Tech USA. “This will especially benefit customers who are in the proof of concept phase as it will streamline their development and manufacturing timeline.”

These offerings simplify the coordination of technical specifications between actuator, motor, drive, and controller.  The Bill of Materials can now be consolidated into 1 line item to include all which is less parts to classify and manage.

As the North American authorized distributor for Toyo Automation, Accu Tech USA is committed to providing superior value to our customers by offering sales and engineering support through the purchasing and implementation cycle. For more information contact us at (919) 863-0837.