Accu Tech USA Announces Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Control for Actuators

Linear actuator key fob remote controlAccu Tech USA, a leading distributor of automation and motion solutions, today announced the release of its new wireless key fob controller for their linear actuator product line.

The plug and play radio frequency (RF) remote control kit includes a 2-button remote control and a remote receiver to efficiently convert a standard rod-style actuator to an actuator automated by remote control. This system is small in size and easy to install and operate. Simply connect the receiver to power, plug the actuator into the receiver cable and push the remote buttons to quickly enable remote control of your actuator.

“We are excited to introduce this product that closes the gap between traditional actuators and RF controlled systems,” said Ed Lee, president for Accu Tech USA. “Accu Tech USA has a long-standing reputation of delivering reliable, high quality technology solutions that are customizable to meet customer requirements. By continuing to expand our product capabilities, we are reflecting our commitment to offer our customers the best of breed and most comprehensive product line on the market today.”

For more information about the new wireless key fob controller or any of Accu Tech USA’s automation and motion solutions, visit the company’s website at or contact us.