Accu Tech USA Announces Poklar Power Motion as Manufacturer’s Rep

Accu Tech USA, the North American leader in automation and motion solutions, is proud to announce Poklar Power Motion, Inc. as a new manufacturer’s representative. Poklar Power Motion is a regional manufacturer’s representative agency servicing the five states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Accu Tech USA specializes in providing quality, cost-effective motion solutions to provide customers with a competitive advantage. Product categories for the company include: actuators, ball screws, collaborative robots, linear guides and custom solutions. By partnering with quality-driven organizations like Poklar Power Motion, Accu Tech USA is able to supply highly competitive and premium value-added products and services to customers. 

“The Poklar team brings over 50 years of motion control sales experience to the Accu Tech USA sales force. We believe Poklar will be a great addition and a valuable asset in broadening the reach of the company,” said Ed Lee, president, Accu Tech USA. “I am confident that the experience and knowledge that the Poklar team brings will help cultivate our customer centric sales model and drive our company goals. We are excited to explore this partnership and continue to grow together.”

“This is a great time to join Accu Tech USA, with multiple new initiatives and a product roadmap in place that aligns with the fast-growing market,” said Thomas Daddario, CPMR Territory Manager, Poklar Power Motion. “We are excited to be part of the team and honored to work for such a well-respected company in the automation industry. We look forward to working with our customers and helping them find the best automation solutions to help them grow their business.”

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About Accu Tech USA

ACCU TECH USA is a customer-focused motion solutions provider offering the largest selection of actuators, linear guides and ball screws in North America. The company specializes in providing application engineering support and machining services to companies ranging from health care and optometry to packaging and automated machinery. Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, the company’s mission is to provide quality, cost-effective motion solutions with exceptional accuracy and precision to give our customers a competitive advantage.

About Poklar Power Motion

Poklar Power Motion was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Norm Poklar in 1962. Through the years Poklar has grown to add offices in Cincinnati and Pennsylvania. In 1986 Poklar added Electrical Drives, several years later servos and automation were added, following with linear motion in 1997. With these changes we grew to introduce Electrical Safety Line/Electrical Specialists in both the Cleveland and Cincinnati offices. We continue to grow and expand our knowledge in the Power Transmission and Motion Control Industry while continuing to follow our business philosophy.