Accu Tech USA Announces New Distribution Partnership with TECHMAN ROBOT

Accu Tech USA, the leader in automation and motion solutions in the United States, has signed a distribution agreement with TECHMAN ROBOT (TM ROBOT), the global leader in collaborative robot (CoBot) and vision technologies. Under the agreement, Accu Tech USA will provide the complete range of CoBots offered by TM ROBOT to its US customers. Products will be available to order from Accu Tech USA beginning April 2019.

“Accu Tech USA has a long standing history of delivering affordable, cutting edge automation and motion technology to the US market,” said Ed Lee, president of Accu Tech USA. “This expansion to include CoBots in our product portfolio aligns with our goal to meet consumer needs with innovative, best-in class solutions. TM ROBOT has a compelling vision for the future, and we are proud to partner with them.”

CoBots working safely alongside people has become increasingly important in manufacturing facilities to increase productivity, reduce injury and streamline flexible production lines. TM Robot features innovative technology, including a built-in intelligent vision system for seamless integration, a revolutionary user interface where users without coding experience can easily deploy TM Robot, and enhanced safety features for optimal human-robot co-operation.

“Accu Tech USA’s distribution of TM ROBOT’s CoBots is a crucial step towards expanding our technologies into the US market,” said Judy Chang, Global Sales Director of Techman Robot, Inc. “Accu Tech USA has a solid reputation of providing quality products paired with value added services and support, making them one of the uniquely positioned distributors of our collaborative robots in select states across the US. We welcome Accu Tech USA to our growing network of TM Robot distributors.”

Collaborative Robot

See the Difference with TM Robot

  • Collaborative robot with built in vision system that can be used for pattern recognition, object positioning and barcode identification
  • Intuitive user interface for quick deployment
  • Robot can be programmed with both speed and force limits to comply with safety requirements
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced safety
  • Pre and Post sales service

For more information about Accu Tech USA or to request a quote, please contact our sales department at (919) 863-0837 or

About Accu Tech USA

ACCU TECH USA is a customer-focused motion solutions provider offering the largest selection of actuators, linear guides and ball screws in North America. The company specializes health care and optometry to packaging and automated machinery. Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, the company’s mission is to provide quality, cost-effective motion solutions with exceptional accuracy and precision to give our customers a competitive advantage.

About Techman Robot Inc.

TECHMAN ROBOT is a global leader in collaborative robot and vision technologies. Supported by parent company Quanta Computer, we have managed to deliver the world’s most intelligent collaborative robot with built-in vision, which perfectly integrates hands, eyes and brains into one system. TM Robots impressively improve the easiness of using industrial robots and remarkably reduce the cost and deployment time. TECHMAN ‘ROBOT’s vision is to apply TECHnology to enrich huMAN life and we will keep on innovation and promise to contribute the most friendly automation solution to the world. For more information, please visit